Sunday, February 22, 2009


1.identify the person(hint-we usually use his product on special days)

2.what was founded in 1861 in the Gun Quater,Biringham by fourteen gunsmiths, who had together supplied arms to the British government during the Crimean war.

3.what was started with the name of Lever Brothers India Limited in 1933.

4.which company was started in 1897, introducing the lock with lever technology for the 1st time?

5.Which industrial city on Honshu Island, Japan gave its name to a brand of automobiles?

Monday, February 16, 2009


hello ppl....i vl b uploadin business questions on a regular basis....c if u cud answer ur answers in the comments

1.which company was supposed 2 have got the name 4m lithium.the mascot of the brand is a red spot inbetween.

2.identify the person and give the reason y he was famous in no tym??(hint-the back drop)

3.identify the person and what was derived 4m his name??(hint-the derivative is the name of a vehicle)
4.By 1861, this product, produced in USA, enjoyed higher sales abroad than in the USA. In Africa, salesmen had to customise the machine because the tribesmen wanted it to be noisier, because they believed ‘good iron made more noise’. Mahatma Gandhi described it as ‘One of the few useful things ever invented’. What?

5.identify the duo-(hint-they were brothers and were 4m germany)